VA 2019 Medicinal Hemp Research Act

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Contact your representatives and show your support for the VA 2019 Medicinal Hemp Research Act. This act authorizes the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to perform research on the efficacy and safety of medicinal hemp. Your support will help so much.

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Below is an example message that can be copied and pasted into your message to your representatives. Feel free to edit the letter as you see fit. Also be sure to choose the correct “Topic” from your representative’s dropdown list. This bill is closely related to the following topics: Health Care andVeterans

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Asking for your support on the VA 2019 Medicinal Hemp Research Act

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My name is _______, and I am from _______. I’m writing because I’d like (Senator or Representative) _______ to support the VA 2019 Medicinal Hemp Research Act to bring federally legal CBD derived from industrial hemp forward as an alternative to VA-prescribed opioids.

As you know, there is a crisis in the Veteran community with more than twenty Veterans a day taking their own lives.

We believe that many of the twenty a day, and an even greater number of premature deaths that are being categorized as “by natural causes” are related to the over prescription in opiate and psychotropic drugs in our county.

Please make time on your schedule to meet with some Veterans who have found a healthier avenue to contend with the issues of chronic pain and PTSD, (and numerous other ailments) by using nonintoxicating, non-addictive CBD derived from industrial hemp that was federally legalized on 18 Dec, 2018 with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. With CBD derived from this federally legal cannabis that is not marijuana, there truly exists no roadblock for the Veterans Administration to conduct a clinical study immediately.

I’m going to keep close attention to whether or not (Senator or Representative) _______ supports the Medicinal Hemp Research Act.

Thank you.