The CBD from Warfighter Hemp is working. Day 6 no seizures and the pain is not stopping me from feeling like I can enjoy life anymore.




Not as dramatic as some of the other stories I have been reading but my father in law has been using the salve on his leg and swears it's what enabled him to walk all over SF last week when before he could barely walk across the kitchen.




I do want to say thank you for your product. Our three year old son has ADHD, and we started putting drops of the 150 in his apple juice in the morning and his chocolate milk in the afternoon. The transformation he has gone through is amazing. He went from non-stop tantrums, pulling his pants down, screaming at nap-time and bed-time, to a calm and connected little boy within a week of the delivery. You have no idea how much your product has changed our day to day life. He is still him, stubborn, smart, playful, but it's like there is finally a connection within him and with us.  I was at the end of the rope barely grabbing on. My MIL who watches our twins on Mondays has noticed a significant change with him, and when we told her what we were doing, she said "thank goodness there is something out there, not chemical, that is helping him." From her, this is huge praise. Thank you so much and I will be placing another order today as I too have been taking the oil for depression, and I see a change within myself. Thank you for your product, thank you for your help. My family and I deeply appreciate it.



I am almost in tears. Warfighter hemp is simply amazing. I've never tried CBD before and I have to say I am unbelievably affected. I was injured in combat 12 years ago and this is the first time I've seen the benefits of hemp oil. The anxiety and pain melts away, and I am able to focus on tasks more cleanly. I would rate this as a game-changer for veterans looking for more natural ways to mitigate their suffering. 

Most sincerely,


WarfighterHemp is working better for Michael than Charlottes Web did and at a fraction of the cost. Bonus, it's organic. Double bonus, the owners donate profits to Veterans. If you have TBI, Epilepsy, Parkinson's or any other neurological issues, I strongly suggest you try this! Lower doses also work well for muscle spasms and anxiety.


Jane, May 15th· 

A couple weeks back, I mentioned WARFIGHTER HEMP. They have CBD oil (low mg to the MOAB 1500mg), patches, even honey!  A lot of folks gave personal testimony to the benefits. .. and lots asked how to buy. ... and I know a few bought that night.Sure you can find CBD oil anywhere online.. BUT WARFIGHTER HEMP GIVES BACK TO THE MILITARY THRU CHARITIES... 50% of ALL PROFITS. I can tell you this.. CBD took my godfather off 56 pills prescribed by the VA docs, to just vitamins and odds and ends. He is calmer, happier, and frankly... healthier. And now.. yours truly hasn't taken ambien in a good bit. This CBD helps my brain stay calm, my knee ain't hurting, my sciatica seems to be happy, and 2.5 weeks into this retirement thing, I ain't hurt anyone.

Tracey, May 17th

I have battled migraines for so long they've  become like an appendage...one I would like to amputate! I have taken every migraine pill and injection available  and carry an abundant supply of " pain meds" which I hate all side effects of!  A friend & I were discussing a charity event,  and got on the subject of pain, and migraines,  and he told me about Warfighter Hemp, which was ironic, because I had just been reading about Hemp oils for migraines. Now I am a skeptic about EVERYTHING! I received my Warfighter Hemp in the mail, and honestly,  stared at it, read the bottles and continued to research on it for another week...then, after 2 bad headaches, I took the Warfighter Hemp plunge  and within 10-20 minutes,  I was NOT in bed,  NOT sitting there  hurting, had NO  ice pack on my head, NOT crying and wondering what I could take next, NO, I was up in the kitchen with my son listening to music and cooking!! My pain was gone and I knew I had found a stairway to LIFE again!!

Thank you for the introduction to an amazingly safe and effective treatment Warfighter Hemp! This Veteran is proud to give testimony to a great product #HOOAH #noheadache #igotmylifeback







   I heard about your product while attending the Air Force Wounded Warrior Trials for the Warrior Games. We had a long discussion about my background in Addictions counseling but how I strongly beloved in the healing power of CBD oil products. After sustaining brain/back injuries I've seat with chronic pain and daily migraines. Anyone who has ever had a migraine can tell you how difficult it is to function. With my background in addictions counseling I know that pain pills are a very slippery slope. I will deal with pain versus taking pills unless I feel it is absolutely necessary. 

   I have migraine pills that I can not take more than 4 pills in a week. Let that sink in.... how bad can they be for you if you can't take more than 4 in a week? 
Last week was a particularly bad week. I had a migraine and even after exhausting all of the weekly allowed dose of that prescription medicine I still could barely function. I checked the mailbox and there was a gift waiting for me. I took one dose of CBD and within an hour I noticed the stabbing ice pick feeling of my migraine was fading.... within 2 hours I barely noticed any pain at all. I did not feel fuzzy or as if I was under the influence like you typically do with pain meds. 

   Finally! Finally something works!! I do not have to put chemicals in my body that either won't work, or will only make me feel high with pain. I'm so excited for this and so incredibly grateful for your companies efforts! Job well done and God Speed in your continued success & efforts!


Gary, 5/13/17

   It's week 2 of my journey with Warfighter Hemp. I upped my dosage from 1 dropper to 1.5 droppers of (600mg) due to back and hip pain with neuropathy in my left leg. I can safely say that I haven't been in much pain at all today. So I went from a constant 5-6 pain, to maybe a 2-3....and THAT I can handle all day every day! I will definitely be using this on a regular basis as part of my regiment. I will probably order the 900mg next order. My end goal is to get off of as many meds as I can. So we will see what happens!!

John, 5/17/17

UPDATE: @RealWarfighterHemp is working better for Michael than Charlottes Web did and at a fraction of the cost. Bonus, it's organic. Double bonus, the owners donate profits to Veterans. If you have TBI, Epilepsy, Parkinson's or any other neurological issues, I strongly suggest you try this! Lower doses also work well for muscle spasms and anxiety.


Phil 5/15/17

Hey guys day 6 of use of the sample you sent me. Great results so far ,bad hip here waking up every morning sucks lol. I have found so far By using the oil just before i go to bed i am sleeping till the alarm and waking with a lot less discomfort. We will see how it works on other issues as the days go on. But 100 % a great sleep aid and pain suppressor so far.