3000 mg CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture

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  • Contains 3000 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) mixed with organic hemp oil
  • 100mg per serving (one dropperful)
  • Gluten-free & vegan
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Made with hemp organically grown in Colorado
  • 30 ml (1 oz) Bottle
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74 reviews for 3000 mg CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture

  1. David S. (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about CBD oil in general, gave it a shot and I will not turn back to the candy store the VA gives out. From PTSD, Arthritis to so much more it has given me a better lifestyle. Keeping up with my wife and 2 kids to being more productive at work, all in all very happy I tried it.

  2. David P Rabine (verified owner)

  3. James (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! I am in the medical field and I deal with people everyday who deal with chronic pain and anxiety and I have recommend this product to a number of people I have encountered. It has helped my back and knee pain tremendously. It also has helped me sleep; I’ve suffered with insomnia for some time but no more. Thank you Warfighter for a great product.

  4. Dennis (verified owner)

    Has made a difference in my life.

  5. Eric MORTIMER (verified owner)

  6. Vic Heal (verified owner)

    This has helped my mood swings immensely. Highly recommended WFH!

  7. Sharron E. (verified owner)

    This has helped my tremors, and balance so much. Thank you.

  8. Emad Abdallah (verified owner)

  9. Jodi Phillips (verified owner)

  10. Destiny Dantzler (verified owner)

    Works great for PTSD, arthritis not so much.

  11. Debra Johnson (verified owner)

    Husband also has back issues. Hopefully this helps that as well.

  12. Tish (verified owner)

  13. Mark Berkowicz (verified owner)

    4500 was petter. Higher strength less drops.

  14. HEIDI (verified owner)

  15. Dion J. (verified owner)

  16. Dennis Schmidt (verified owner)

  17. Jason S. (verified owner)

    I use zero.

  18. Melanie (verified owner)

    Most days started with 800 to 1000mgs of ibuprofen and that repeated two or three times throughout the day. It didn’t take my pain away but took the edge off enough to move.
    Warfighter cbd has CHANGED my life! I am pain free and even sleeping better than I have in years. Absolute great product and awesome people.

  19. Tish (verified owner)

  20. David A. (verified owner)

  21. Steven L Berry (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Heather E. (verified owner)

    The majority of my patients take the 3000mg full spectrum product. They are expressing relief of pain, improved sleep and reduced anxiety related symptoms.

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

  26. Hugh Beckcom (verified owner)

  27. Karen M. (verified owner)

  28. Diana Bokoch (verified owner)

  29. Laura (verified owner)

    I had a stroke last year and was having issues with leg pain and shoulder pain. My son have me Zero 1500 mg. I ordered another bottle, and then the Blitz 3000 mg. Half way through and I am almost pain free. I haven’t had any IB 800’s for a week now. I will order again.

  30. Roger McGlamery (verified owner)

    First month, I can tell a difference. Started dropping amount of VA drugs!

  31. Donna Harper (verified owner)

  32. Bonnie Brady (verified owner)

  33. Daphne M (verified owner)

    Great for my personal convictions/creams.

  34. John (verified owner)

    Very good product

  35. Vicky Fuzzell (verified owner)

  36. Dion Jones (verified owner)

  37. John K. (verified owner)

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The quality of my sleep has improved dramatically. I also can’t say enough about how my anxiety has decreased.

  39. Tamara (verified owner)

    Like many of you, I was skeptical of all the hype surrounding CBD. I’d tried a few other brands, but none were as consistently effective as Warfighter. It works; and if you give it time, it’ll work for you too. Best of all, it’s a high quality product and has made living with pain much more manageable. Try the peppermint flavor.

  40. Robert Gates (verified owner)

    Works Great and the Peppermint is the bomb!

  41. Donna H. (verified owner)

    Wonderful! Have been able to get completely off anxiety meds and NSAIDs for pain!

  42. Caira B. (verified owner)

  43. Rosalinda (verified owner)

    Pain-free at last! Steroids, ansaids, nor therapy worked to alleviate nerve pain in my neck/shoulder. After only a couple of days of 3000mg each evening, the pain is gone! Am now only taking 1/2 dropper and still pain-free.

  44. DJ Harper (verified owner)

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

  46. Elizabeth Simonetti (verified owner)

    I use a dropperful every day after work, when my lower back is aching after a 12 hour shift. Within an hour, the stiffness, ache, and pain are gone, and I can sleep through the night. I have recommended Warfighter Hemp to everyone who asks me about CBD (I’m a pharmacist) for 3 reasons: it’s effective; it’s American-made; and it helps veterans.

  47. Julie R. (verified owner)

    Taking this first bottle has ELIMINATED the arthritis pain in my hands. Hoping it will continue to help with the knees, too, but need more time.

  48. Paul P. (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality!

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

  50. John Bjorge (verified owner)

  51. Jason R. (verified owner)

  52. John Bjorge (verified owner)

    Very good product and the taste was better then expected.

  53. Barbara G. (verified owner)

    Only I use the Peppermint! It’s really helped a lot.

  54. timothy H. (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel as it was helping much with my pain, until I stopped taking it for a week. Realized then how well it actually works

  55. William Santiago (verified owner)

    The first CBD to actually work on me. I understand the expense, but I just wish it was a LITTLE bit less expensive, but you pay for quality. Hopefully, the cost to produce will drop with advancing tech. I won’t be able to get this product again for a long time. Works VERY well, but cost/benefit is too much for me.

  56. Craig E. (verified owner)

    Finally the right dosage.

  57. Craig E. (verified owner)

  58. Michael Wright (verified owner)

  59. Richard K. (verified owner)

    Product being available in the strength I need is one of the main reasons I order from Warfighter Hemp.

  60. Kevin (verified owner)

  61. Brian W. (verified owner)


  62. MARIA A. (verified owner)

  63. John Bjorge (verified owner)

  64. David Weinstock (verified owner)

  65. Cheryl A. (verified owner)

  66. Danielle Rogowski (verified owner)

  67. James Brown (verified owner)

    After using for the last 2 weeks, my back pain has decreased.

  68. Bill Snyder (verified owner)

  69. Ben (verified owner)

  70. Jessica Lake (verified owner)

  71. Bill Snyder (verified owner)

  72. James H. (verified owner)

  73. James Kelty (verified owner)

  74. James K. (verified owner)

    Satisfied and happy customer

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