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Warfighter Hemp Introduces CDC Grade Antiseptic Sanitizer Gel and Spray with CBD in Effort to Combat the Coronavirus

Warfighter Hemp Introduces CDC Grade Antiseptic Sanitizer Gel and Spray with CBD in Effort to Combat the Coronavirus

Gel or Spray Donated to First Responders for Each One Sold

Warfighter Hemp, a manufacturer of CBD products derived from industrial hemp based in Boulder, Colorado, is launching a first-of-its-kind CDC grade antiseptic sanitizer gel and spray with CBD to help combat COVID-19. This debut comes as the need to limit exposure to COVID-19 escalates and hand sanitizer becomes scarce. Shop

Additionally, for every sale of Warfighter Hemp Antiseptic Sanitizer gel or spray, a bottle will be donated to first responders, hospital workers and other front line persons who are leading the battle against the Coronavirus. These donations will be sent by the case to those entities who have pre-registered here. Tax-free donations are also accepted Receive free shipping for orders over $75 for a limited time.

Warfighter 4oz CBD Antiseptic Sanitizer Spray features 400mg CBD distillate, 80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, water, lavender oil and hydrogen peroxide. It retails for $15.99. The CDC minimum recommendation for Ethyl is 60%. 

With 800 mg CBD distillate, Warfighter 8oz CBD Antiseptic Sanitizer Gel pump retails for $19.99. Ingredients include 80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, aloe gel, water, lavender oil, and hydrogen peroxide. CBD provides skin-calming and skin-normalizing effects that may help minimize issues related to skin sensitivity, including redness and reactivity. 

While washing your hands is the most effective way for people to slow and prevent the spreading of viruses, the use of ethyl-based hand sanitizer is an effective way to augment your hygiene at times, such as in the grocery store or when you do not have access to soap and water. Look for products with 60% ethyl alcohol and higher, which are more effective at battling bacteria. Warfighter Hemp CDC grade antiseptic sanitizer spray and lotion feature 80% ethyl alcohol.

Ethyl a Byproduct of Hemp Manufacturing

“I went online looking to purchase some hand sanitizer for my family and what I found enraged me,” said Lt. Col. (ret) Steve Danyluk (USMC), founder, Warfighter Hemp. “There was virtually nothing available, and what was available was so exorbitantly priced it should be criminal. That’s when I talked to my partner, Henry, at the farm in Colorado and found out he had been thinking about the same thing.”

“Because we use organic ethyl in the extraction process when separating CBD from industrial hemp, ethyl is an ingredient which we have an abundance of at the farm,” said Henry Strazza, Chief Operating Officer for Warfighter Hemp. “Knowing that sanitizer is in high demand but limited supply, we worked a plan quickly to offer our CBD sanitizer lotion for those who need it most: our nations veterans in the VA Healthcare system.” 

Help for Veterans 

According to its website, The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the largest integrated health care system in the United States, providing care to over nine million veterans. The average age of veterans is 58 — many with underlying health issues — making this one of the most vulnerable demographics to the coronavirus.

“By giving this product away for free to veterans, we are definitely taking a financial hit. However, if it prevents the death or severe illness of just one veteran, then it is the right thing for Warfighter Hemp to do,” said Danyluk, who created Warfighter Hemp to offer alternative solutions for veterans struggling with PTSD and chronic pain. 

Warfighter Hemp is made in the United States, grown on the largest organic hemp farm in the country, and all production takes place here. Warfighter Hemp conducts third-party testing to ensure the quality and efficacy of its products. Warfighter Hemp products are available for purchase by anyone at, where veterans, first-responders and their caregivers can also register for a 50% discount. 

To learn more about Warfighter Hemp and see the company’s full range of products, visit and follow the company on Facebook. See Warfighter Hemp featured on ABC’s Nightline.

About Warfighter Hemp

Warfighter Hemp is a Colorado-based manufacturer of CBD derived from industrial hemp. We are made up of veterans and non-veterans who believe in providing an alternative to the prescription painkillers that many veterans are taking and which prevents them from living their best lives. Our mission is to provide a holistic and natural alternative.

We are a worldwide organization with representatives and ambassadors around the globe. We give 50% of our profits back to other charities that support veteran independence. These organizations include Semper K9, Pawsandwarriors,  Independence Corps, Spartan Alliance, Villagers for Veterans,  Aleethia Foundation, the I Got Your Six Foundation, and Wheelchairs for Warriors. Visit to learn more. 

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