Giving Back

Giving Back to Veterans

Through it’s Veterans Support Initiative, 10% of the sales proceeds from Warfighter Hemp will be donated to veteran charities to provide the tools, therapies and guidance needed to help these heroes live their lives as independently as is possible.

10% of profits go back to veterans

Warfighter Hemp’s mission is to better veteran’s lives across America. Providing a natural alternative so veteran’s can live fuller, happier lives is only part of that. We dedicate 10% of our profits to charities that impact veterans nationwide.

Over $123,875 donated to Veterans

Warfighter Hemp also has a discount program for Veterans, Active-Duty Military, First Responders, and their spouses/caregivers. To learn more and apply, click the button below.

Your dollars at work

If you’ve made a purchase from Warfighter Hemp, you can rest easy knowing that a portion of your dollars went to help veterans around the country.

One of the main ways Warfighter Hemp gives back is through the nonprofit, Independence Corps. This nonprofit is dedicated to restoring the independence of veterans and first responders by providing solutions that offer greater mobility.

Johnnie Alexander Trak Chair

Johnnie Alexander, a Vietnam vet, is motivated by helping others, so it was time he got a little help, himself.

The Independence Corps donated a Trak Chair to him to provide greater mobility.

On rollover, caption flies up here

To learn more about the Independence Corp or to donate to their cause, please visit their website

Our community of Veteran-focused nonprofits

Click on the logos to learn more about each nonprofit and their mission.

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