FDA Open Forum Call to Action

Share your story and receive 50% off your next order

Dear Veterans, Caregivers, and other users of Warfighter Hemp,

Here is a way that you can really make a difference. On May 31st, the FDA is holding an open forum on CBD. I suspect what they are trying to do is justify increased regulation on CBD products and how you can obtain it in the future, most likely with it only being available in very low strength without a prescription. For many of you dealing with chronic pain or weaning off of opioids, the higher strength products are needed.

I think that it is telling that the one CBD medication that is currently FDA approved and being sold, Epididolex, is for all intents and purposes identical to our 3000mg CBD tincture. Epididolex sells for more than $2,000 a bottle. Warfighter’s 3000mg retails for $199, and many of you get it at half off when we run one of our numerous specials.

If you don’t want to lose your access to relatively inexpensive CBD, please take a few minutes and go to this link to share your comments and your personal story of how Warfighter Hemp’s CBD has impacted you.

After you fill out the link, cut and paste your message into an email and send it to me at info@warfighterhemp.us and I will send you a promo code for 50% off your next order.

Currently, the FDA has received 500 responses from the public. I would like to add at least 500 more from Warfighter Hemp users alone. I plan on taking all of the letters to the meeting in Washington, D.C. on the 31st. I imagine that there will be media coverage of the event and some of those reporters might be interested in seeing what you all had to say about the subject.

Veterans, when we band together, can have a powerful voice. This is one of those times when we need to stand up and fight for something that we know is a better alternative than the opiates, benzodiazepines, SSRI’s and other crap that the VA dispenses so freely. This is a chance to take a stand, and maybe for once, be listened to.

Semper Fi,