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They Call Him Doc

James Graham has been a Warfighter Hemp customer pretty much since the beginning. It helped that I knew both Jim and his wife, Alishia, years before even starting Warfighter Hemp.

Jim was a Navy Corpsman, or what we in the Marine Corps call “Doc.” He wasn’t really a Doctor. However, if you were hurt, shot or blown up, a Doc was probably a better option to have on hand, even more than any fully schooled medical doctor. Docs are experts in that narrow life or death time period after injury, commonly referred to as the “Golden Hour” that would determine whether you might live or die.

Marines love their Docs. We embrace them as one of our own and we even let them wear the same uniform, despite them not going through the same Boot Camp. 

Jim was assigned to Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, home based at Camp LeJeune, NC. Jim served with 6th Marines for his third tour in Iraq and was part of the Battle of Ramadi in late 2006, which was probably the site of the worst fighting in the Global War on Terror that was ruling both Iraq and Afghanistan. At the peak, the Marines were rotated off the line every 72hrs because it was just not sustainable, both mentally and physically beyond that. The thing is, the “Docs” could not be rotated, or at least as often. Because of their lack of numbers, Navy Corpsmen would have to remain in the fight or go on patrol at 3x the rate of the Marines who they took care of.

That’s why Marines love their Docs.

Jim was very severely injured on December 4, 2006 at the 17th Street Security Station. His recovery has been a long road, but he has survived. Jim has found that the Warfighter Hemp, 1500mg CBD/CBG has helped with that recovery because it has allowed him to come off almost all of the medication he was prescribed. At one point in his recovery he was prescribed multiple MH medications, pain medications and then meds to help keep him awake. CBD has helped him to have more restful sleep at night but still be able to wake up the next day without the side effects of sleeping medication. 

If you would like to share your own story on how Warfighter Hemp has helped you, or have any questions on how Warfighter Hemp might help you, please contact us at

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