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Professional Outdoor Media - CBD Hand Sanitizer – One for You + One for Front Lines

Professional Outdoor Media – CBD Hand Sanitizer – One for You + One for Front Lines

For every sale of Warfighter Hemp 400 MG CBD Antiseptic Sanitizer,  we will donate a bottle to those first responders, hospital workers and other front line persons who are leading the battle against the Coronavirus. We thank them and thank you for what you are doing to help stop the spread of this disease.

Keep Calm and Carry On

The current crisis is playing havoc with our stress levels. And this isn’t all just “in our heads,” stress can compromise your immune system and we really need our best immune system right now! Plus, we are all seeking a bit of tranquility.

One of the reasons our customers come back to CBD is for its calming and therapeutic qualities, so we thought we’d look at some ways to incorporate CBD into your regime of relaxation.

  1. Have a cup of CBD-infused tea –  Warfighter Hemp made it easy to get the calming properties of CBD in a drink. We partnered with Rainbow Root Teas and infused their herbal tea with our own CBD. Relieve stress and support your immune system with ingredients like Elderberries, Turmeric, and Ginger.
  2. Self-massage – most of us hold tension in our shoulders and neck. Take Warfighter Hemp’s 1000mg or 1500mg CBD lotion and rub it on your neck and shoulders and really work the lotion in the skin until absorbed. One customer shares with us she likes to do this at night and allow the CBD to lull her to sleep as well.
  3. Take a bath with a CBD bath bomb – not only do Warfighter Hemp’s bath bombs smell amazing with scents of eucalyptus, cucumber and lavender. But you are allowing your skin to absorb the CBD quickly and easily – all while relaxing in a sea of tranquility.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself during these troubling times. At Warfighter Hemp, we are aware many rely on our product for everyday health and wellness, which is why we are doing all we can to ensure our service carries on as normal during this crisis, while maintaining stringent measures to ensure the safety of our employees.


Questions about CBD? Steve “Luker” Danyluk, founder of Warfighter Hemp, is here to help. 

Lauran: I often get asked the question about the “numbers” on your products, such as, what is the difference between 1500 vs 4500 or why some companies list it as 150ml. Thanks!

The Luker: Great question Lauran. On the Warfighter Hemp tinctures, the milliliters (ML) corresponds to the volume of the bottle. In WFH’s case, all the tincture bottles, except for the pet tincture and the 150mg “FNG” are 30ML. This is convenient because the recommended daily dose is 1ML (the size of the eyedropper), so the bottle, in theory, should last an entire month.

The second number on the labels, the milligram (MG) corresponds to the amount of CBD in the bottle. So, doing the math, the 300mg bottle contains 10mg of CBD per each ML, or daily dose. Therefore, the 3000mg bottle contains 100mg of CBD per ML for the daily dose. The higher the number of the MG count, the higher the daily dose will be, and the higher the price for the bottle, although the cost per MG actually goes down significantly when you get to the higher CBD products like the 3000mg, 4500mg and 6000mg tinctures.

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