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FDA firming up CBD regulatory recommendations for Congress 

FDA firming up CBD regulatory recommendations for Congress 

There may be a very good reason on why the FDA is dragging its feet on firming up CBD regulatory recommendations for Congress. 

Epidiolex is an FDA approved CBD drug to treat seizures. The average cost for 1.2 Bottle(s), 100ml of 100mg/ml each, is $2,829.79. It is virtually the same product as the Warfighter Hemp 3000mg tincture. An argument can be made that Epidiolex is in fact inferior to the Warfighter Hemp 3000mg tincture, but that is an argument for another day. The most significant difference is in price. A month supply of Epidiolex when it first came on the market cost $3000/month. Compare that to the Warfighter Hemp Shield member price of just over $100 and the difference is jaw dropping.

We need governmental regulatory agencies like the FDA. I am not arguing against that. Without them, there would be no guardrails. I am a commercial airline pilot and I can only imagine the chaos in the skies if the FAA was not there sat down some rules. But none of these government agencies are infallible. The FDA made that abundantly clear with the way in which they green lighted the Sackler family and opened the floodgates of the opioid crisis. Through the easy access to OxyContin. (Ironically, many Warfighter Hemp users have written us to say how helpful Warfighter Hemp has been in breaking their addiction to Oxy) that the FDA mistakenly allowed to take place, we are loosing more than 100,000 Americans a year.

I am worried that a similar thing may now be taking place here regarding CBD and other compounds of the Cannabis plant such as CBA, CBN and CBG. If a pharmaceutical company knows that they can make 20x or more off the same product that a reputable company like Warfighter Hemp sells it for, of course they are going to do everything it takes to be the only one to get FDA approval for their product. The end result is that the veterans and others who benefit from Warfighter Hemp will be hurt the most.

Don’t let this happen. Let your elected officials know that the time has come for the FDA to properly regulate the Hemp derived CBD and other derivatives. Better than that, email Representative James Comer, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, who is leading the Congressional effort to get the FDA off their duffs. Make sure to mention that Warfighter Hemp says hello!

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