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All the Ways to Take CBD Products

CBD is available for consumption in multiple forms to suit a variety of needs. At Warfighter Hemp, we produce CBD products in the following forms: tinctures, capsules, lotions & sunscreen, transdermal patcheshoney, tea and hemp oil, and bath bombs. Let’s look at these methods of consuming or applying CBD and the unique advantages of each method. 

Warfighter Hemp’s tinctures come in a variety of options, including our ZERO THC brand


CBD oil commonly comes in tincture form. At Warfighter Hemp, we produce tinctures mixed with organic hemp oil with concentrations of CBD ranging from 150mg to 4500 mg.  

The best place to take a CBD oil tincture is sublingually, or under the tongue. Sublingual consumption allows CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and increases the bioavailability of CBD. In short, more CBD is available more quickly to your body when you take your CBD tinctures sublingually.   

What exactly is the best way to take a CBD oil tincture? Using the dropper, squeeze the desired amount of tincture under your tongue. Then, hold the liquid under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing. Holding it under your tongue is what allows faster and direct absorption into your bloodstream, so it’s important not to skip this step.  

Servings of a CBD oil tincture can generally be repeated as much as necessary throughout the day. However, in very large quantities hemp oil may cause slight drowsiness. If this is the case, it’s recommended to take your supplement before bed.  

When ingesting CBD oil, it is normal for it to have a “hempy” aftertaste. For this reason, at Warfighter Hemp we also provide an option including organic peppermint oil, for a natural peppermint flavor.  

You may also use a tincture topically. Warfighter Hemp offers both a 1000mg CBD lotion and a 1500 mg CBD lotion, or, if you have localized pain, you can even mix a few drops of the tincture with a lotion and rub it directly on the affected area. 


Warfighter Hemp Capsules are a convenient and easy way to take CBD oil. At Warfighter Hemp, our capsules deliver 300 mg of CBD in a bottle, or 10 mg of CBD per daily dose, with more options coming in the future. For those who are new to CBD, this is a great way to begin by including CBD in your daily supplement routine. Because capsules are ingested, the body will absorb the CBD in the capsules more slowly. For this reason, capsules are sometimes seen as being less potent than tinctures.


Because CB1 and CB2 receptors are found throughout the skin, CBD can also be used topically. Topical use of cannabis extracts has been practiced around the world for hundreds of years, and today, CBD products like lotions, creams, salves and transdermal patches are all available.   Our newest topical product is our CBD sunscreen with 250 mg of CBD.

Topical application of CBD is especially useful for joint pain and swelling, arthritis pain, muscle pain and muscle recovery. The Warfighter Hemp 1000mg CBD lotion AND 1500 mg CBD lotion can be applied directly to the painful area as needed.  Topical CBD in the form of lotions and creams are also suggested for treatment of psoriasis, eczema, itchy rashes, contact dermatitis, and acne.   

Transdermal patches are another option for topical use of CBD.  The adhesive patches provide an easy, convenient, longer lasting application. A transdermal patch can be left on for 8 to 24 hours and provides continuous localized pain relief.  

Bath Bombs 

CBD also offers a new way to take bath time to the next level. Bath bombs made with cannabidiol are a great way to combine the stress relieving benefits of CBD with the relaxation of a warm bath. The warmth of the water increases blood flow and opens your pores, promoting detoxification and the absorption of CBD into your body. Warfighter Hemp CBD bath bombs can decrease inflammation, reduce pain due to arthritis, soothe sore muscles and melt away cramps and muscle spasms.  

Warfighter Hemp bath bombs come in 4 fragrances with each having 35 mg of CBD. Also pictured are Warfighter Hemp honey, teas and sunscreen.

Like other forms of CBD, topical CBD products are not psychoactive. If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to test a small amount of any topical CBD product in case you are sensitive to the ingredients used in topical CBD preparations.  


Warfighter Hemp honey is an option for your tea or even for baking. Both honey options offer 25 mg of CBD in the jar. Now available are Warfighter Hemp teas (two kinds!) and Warfighter Hemp’s Hemp Seed Oil.

Lastly, whatever form of CBD oil you choose to use, make sure that you purchase provides third-party lab results freely to their customers. Third-party lab results ensure CBD levels and low or no THC as well as purity. You can view Warfighter Hemp third-party lab results on our website at  

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