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CBD and Your Dog aka Your Fur-Baby

Your pet means the world to you and seeing your companion struggle with ailments is difficult. At Warfighter Hemp, we offer tinctures that are easy to disguise in food – which is easier to give than a large pill. Plus, those pills are laced with many unknowns and potentially harmful additives that could do more harm than good. Warfighter Hemp CBD oil is 100 percent organic and contains only Cannabidiol mixed with organic hemp oil. What you see on the bottle label is what you get.  

Warfighter Hemp now offers a 150 mg pet line. The recommended starting dose is 10 drops of oil for a pet 15 lbs. or less with an additional 5 drops per 10 lbs. of dog’s weight. Most users find that placing this in the pet’s meal is the easiest way for your pet to ingest. 

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Benefits of Giving CBD Oil to Your Dog 

  • Reduces inflammation and pain – especially related to stiff joints that make your once energetic pup more of a lounger. Several Warfighter Hemp customers have told us how CBD oil has brought new life to their companion animals.  
  • Increases recovery time after strenuous exercise  
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  • Improves circulation  
  • Reduces stress and anxiety (including separation anxiety and aggression) 
  • Reduces nausea and help stimulate appetite  
  • Combats degenerative diseases and aging  
  • Assists in controlling – maybe even eliminating – seizures  
  • Inhibits cancerous cell growth — CBD oil has been found to stop cancer cells from growing – and those that exist, help to eliminate them.  

How much should you give?  

The amount of CBD, measured in milligrams (mg), you should give your dog depends on a lot of things like weight, your dog’s personal sensitivity to it, and whether you are giving it for behavioral problems, such as anxiety or for “illnesses” such as seizures or cancer. 

In general, it is recommended to give the following: 

  • Pets less than 30 pounds – 8 mg per day  
  • 30-60 pounds – 8-16 mg per day 
  • 60-100 pounds – 16-24 mg per day  
  • 100-150 pounds – up to 32 mg per day

 Please contact your veterinarian if you think your pet might be having an adverse reaction of any kind. 

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