Behind the Shield – Christine Clayburg

Behind the Shield celebrates the dynamic stories of veterans, first responders and everyday heroes who are overcoming obstacles to pursue their best lives. 

In 2015, after serving her country in Iraq and Afghanistan, Air National Guard Loadmaster Christine Clayburg and her unit returned home. After her first Aerial Firefighting flight she was drugged and raped by a fellow airman. She had to sign a restricted report to receive medical care but it was instead used by the command to cover up the assault, alert the attacker and the rest of the squadron. Denied medical care and disqualified from flying, Christine was told to make her living doing drill weekends. Her rapist remained in the military. Christine was medically discharged without ever receiving medical care.

See how Christine tackled her recovery from the attack and the mental, physical and emotional toll inflicted by the military’s response to that assault.

Christine has managed to move away from prescription drugs over a span of time and relies on a holistic approach to wellness that includes CBD. Here are some of Christine’s favorite products:

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