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Hemp products for veterans, by veterans. 


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50% of Warfighter Hemp profits go back to veterans

The mission of Warfighter Hemp is to provide our nation's veterans with an organic, non-addictive, non-psychoactive means to manage pain, lower anxiety, and improve the overall quality of their lives. Warfighter Hemp believes that our 23 million Veterans can lead the way in demonstrating that there is a viable alternative to the over prescription of addictive medications and offer a pathway out of the opioid epidemic currently plaguing our society.


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Through it’s Veterans Support Initiative, 50% of the sales proceeds from Warfighter Hemp will be donated to veteran charities to provide the tools, therapies and guidance needed to help these heroes live their lives as independently as is possible.




I deployed to Iraq and Syria in support of operation Inherent Resolve and to support the push into Raqqah. Came home with some rough anxiety from readjusting to “normal life”. Through this time I’ve utilized WFH products to help ease my anxiety and help me sleep.
— Dale, US Army
I joined the Army in 1989 and spent 13 years active duty with 12 years in the National Guard. Pain is a constant reminder of the military. Everyday is a struggle. Taking meds from the VA doesn’t fix the issues we face everyday. I have been using the CBD oil from WFH for the last two months in place of my pills. Thank you for this– it has helped a lot with my issues.
— Bill, us army
I was injured in combat 12 years ago and this is the first time I’ve seen the benefits of hemp oil. The anxiety and pain melts away, and I am able to focus on tasks more clearly. I would rate this as a game-changer for veterans looking for more natural ways to mitigate their suffering.
— Anonymous